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Facts and Figures

1993 HAKU is founded in Aachen-Haaren
1996 Reincorporated as HAKU GmbH
1997 Relocated to Alsdorf. The conveniently located new site features 800 sqm of production area for machinery and capability for expansion. Other features are 300 sqm of office space and room for socialising.
1997 10 people work at HAKU GmbH
1998 Quality management system (9002:1994) established
1998 HAKU GmbH certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2008
1999 Production area increased to 1,400 sqm
1999 Investment in a dedicated, air-conditioned room for state of the art measuring technology
1999 Acquisition of the first 5 axis milling machine with six pallets
2004 Acquisition of the Mazak-Integrex 200-III turning and milling machine
2006 HAKU GmbH starts to offer apprenticeships and trains the first lathe operator
2007 20 people work at HAKU GmbH
2009 An ERP system is established
2009 The TÜV Rheinland Industrie Service GmbH grants permission to HAKU GmbH to restamp materials according to the rules and standards of AD 2000.
2009 Despite the financial crisis of 2008/09 no employees had to be laid off
2013 Retrofitting of energy saving LED lighting in the whole workshop
2013 30 people are working at HAKU GmbH
2013 The photovoltaic system goes live. As an energy-conscious and responsible company, HAKU GmbH now produces part of its energy requirements on site.
2014 HAKU GmbH celebrates its 20th company anniversary
2014 HAKU GmbH becomes a member of the vocational training association BANG© and is a founding member of the local BANG network in Aachen.
2015 First fully automated loading robot starts working
2015 For the first time there are three apprentices for a career in mechanical machining.
2015 40 people are working at HAKU GmbH

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