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With state of the art CNC machining technology we will manufacture your parts and products to an accuracy of 0.005 mm. Such accuracy can be achieved due to our high-tech machining centres and CNC turning machines, as well as our CNC measuring technology of the latest generation. We continuously modernise our machinery and we regularly invest in maintenance and upgrades.

Our machines are interfaced with state of the art computers, the only way for our machines to achieve the high degrees of efficiency and speed.

Since the summer of 2015, a loading robot allows for around the clock operation of our turning machines, therefore further reducing turnaround times.

Our highly qualified employees regularly participate in advanced training courses on innovative machines and the respective controlling systems.

With state of the-art-technology we achieve the fast and high precision production processes, for which we are regarded by our customers. We have access to the following machinery (as of November 2015)

You can find corresponding lists in the download area in PDF format.

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