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CAD/CAM - Prototyping

For prototyping we use CAD/CAM software. We always strive for economical efficiency in order to find the most cost effective solution for our customers. We use the following software products:

MegaCAD 3D

With the powerful design software MegaCAD 3D the designer can choose whether to create our customers' 3D models directly, on the basis of features, or from parametric 2D sketches. The models that can be used for a broad variety of applications can be displayed in 2D as well as 3D. Toggling between those two options is very easy.

CAD/CAM Mastercam

The CAD/CAM software Mastercam is the most widespread software for controlling CNC machinery worldwide. The main areas of application are tool making, mechanical engineering, mould making, as well as medical engineering. Among other things, the software features:

Our customers provide us with relevant blueprints and information online. If required, the transfer can be encrypted. We then use the CAD files for manufacturing the precision parts using our CAM system, or we will program the system according to our customer's drawings.

We can process the following 2D and 3D file formats:

We strictly adhere to European data protection regulations and create daily backups of all data on servers not located at our premises. All machines and servers are interconnected. We diligently archive all information related to your orders.

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