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Additional Services

Our business partners benefit from the "HAKU all-round service" which helps to save time and costs: We are your competent partner for all your needs related to your order and you will benefit from our trusted network of cooperation partners and suppliers. All machining, finishing, and other processing needs for your parts made of steel, stainless steel, and all common non-ferrous metals as well as polymers are available to you from a single source. You benefit from our better prices when purchasing materials, as well as our network of suppliers.

HAKU GmbH and its exclusive cooperation partners can offer you the following services. As part of the "all-round service" we take care of the project management of your order:

Further Processing Techniques

Helium Leak Detection (INFICON UL500)

We are one of only a few suppliers, providing vacuum leak detection testing. Our customers need this service in order to demonstrate leak tightness of the parts or to locate leaks. Detected leaks will be repaired.

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Additional Services

Surface Treatment

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