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Quality Assurance

Our qualified employees will examine all parts after each processing step in accordance with our exceptionally high quality standards and will make sure your drawings and programming data is precisely implemented. High-quality precision measuring instruments guarantee high quality standards. Our triple-coordinate CNC instruments can measure parts, models, and tools up to a size of 1,400 x 860 x 660 mm.

We validate shape and orientation according to customer specifications. Even the most complex geometries can be tested to the highest accuracy. Our precision measurements include, e.g. :

All tests will be duly documented. Measurement and test reports will make the process most transparent for our customers. We are certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2008. Upon request, these reports can be provided digitally or as a hard copy.

Our quality assurance is mainly based on the following systems:

Triple Coordinate CNC Measuring Instrument DEA Scirocco Record

This triple coordinate CNC measuring instrument is calibrated yearly and an extensive retrofit program ensures that all current requirements regarding measurement applications, productivity, accuracy, and reliability are met. The instrument can measure parts, models, and tools up to a size of 1,400 x 860 x 660 mm. The maximum error of measurement amounts to E = (1.9 + 3L/1000) µm (L in mm).

The measurement software PC DMIS is able to compare the manufactured part's actual value to the target value according to the CAD data.

Multisensor Measuring Instrument Optiv Classic 321 GL tp

This coordinate measuring instrument is also calibrated once a year. It features motor-driven zoom lenses as well as tactile probes. Therefore, it is universally applicable: It allows for both, rapid optical as well as tactile measurements by means of a probe. An optical sensor is appropriate for parts that can not be measured accurately using a probe, e.g. rubber seals.

Our Measuring Machines:

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